What are principles for naming veterinary drugs in Vietnam?

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Question date: 24/03/2023

I'm a student of Nong Lam University majoring in veterinary drug. Regarding regulations on veterinary drugs, what are principles for naming veterinary drugs in Vietnam? Thank you!

    • Pursuant to Clause 2 Article 7 of the Circular 13/2016/TT-BNNPTNT stipulating as follows:

      If the drug is not so named, the applicant may choose a trade name for it. The commercial name of the drug must satisfy the following principles:

      - Do not exaggerate drug effects;

      - Do not provide incorrect information about treatment effects and pharmacological effects of the drug;

      - Do not infringe Vietnam's native cultural tradition;

      - Do not cause conflict with protected intellectual property of other organizations and individuals;

      - The drug names must not be identical or similar to those that are issued with registration numbers of other facilities;

      - Drugs with different active ingredients must not have the same name;

      - Drugs with the same formulation, the same manufacturing process of the same manufacturer must not have different names.

      Above are principles for naming veterinary drugs in Vietnam.

      Best regards!

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    • Article 7 of the Circular 13/2016/TT-BNNPTNT Download
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